The Gro Company

The business end of brands: Turning a £6m brand into a £22m one and achieving that as a sale price

Their Ambition

The Gro Company was founded by parents who wanted their baby to sleep well and safely. From there a £6 million grew organically. Taking the business to the next level and securing an exit for the VC backers and the management team would require a solid brand built for a business that had global aspirations.

Our Contribution

Logo Group’s first activity was to fully understand the situation: The business had grown naturally without as clear a brand structure as might be desired. The company had a number of star products which were brands in their own right and were obscuring the main company brand. Parents were genuinely attached to these products.

The work here was to delineate a path for the brand that would build a parent brand without diluting the famous product brands that sit underneath. The overall aim being to build a company brand that would be attractive to the highly professional investors who would need to be satisfied for a deal to go through.

The careful balancing act was achieved and a plan put in place. While it cannot all be actioned in one go it was a clear and coherent plan that ultimately attracted a sale price of £22 million for the business – a value which is a very high multiple of earnings. The brand work added many millions to the sale price.